Hello loviedovies! ♥
It is moi today! (french, i know, seriously cool) Sandy Pandy!
Have you missed me? Lol I know you have.
Today I feel very christamassy so I made a christmas poem called:
A Little Christmas Poem I Made While Sitting In My Room On My Ugly Computer And Eating Cereal.
Christmas time is here,
laughs and cheers,
like whatever school,
i hate you,
you're a tool,
but what to do?
until school ends,
we just have to wait
be with our so called friends,
and not sleep late,
lol, now my cereal is gone
but back to christmas,
it is red as the hair of Ron,
skrew the fuss,
i want present,
under the tree,
give present,
please, to me,
chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
can you roast chustnuts, what the heck?
lol that would be something to admire,
presentshopping, not check.
the candles are lit,
i want to get a knitted sweater,
acrylic is bullshit,
wool is better,
the days are dark,
a bluray disk is so much clearer,
than a dvd,
hot chocolate is nice,
or maybe some tea,
not. bajs.
baking is wicked,
being in the couch seated,
in front of harry potter,
have embarrassing moments with mr foster,
hey, what can i say?
put up a mistletoe,
like the friggin song,
then feel low,
because you are forever alone,
watch the snow fall down,
go into town,
i'm gonna freak out, i know,
ahh, all the things that make christmas bright,
i made this on my own,
aww, no flying kite,
make some popcorn.


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